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March 31.2020conference

CII Webinar | How Would COVID-19 Affect Your China Strategy

CII Webinar

How Would COVID-19 Affect Your China Strategy

March 31, 2020 | 1700-1800 hrs China Time

On March 31, Dr. Tse will join the CII Webinar to discuss the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on China strategy.

Webinar Brief:

The webinar will cover the following context:

  • The Coronavirus epidemic is causing havocs to the operating environment in China and the rest of the world.
  • How does the epidemic affect your China strategy?
  • What questions should you address?

Webinar Program (China Time):

1700-1705 hrs    

Welcome remarks and speaker introduction by Mr. Madhav Sharma, Head-Greater China & Chief Representative, CII

1705-1740 hrs  

Presentation by Dr. Edward Tse, Founder and CEO, Gao Feng Advisory Company on the topic

1740-1755 hrs    

Q & A

1755-1800 hrs  

Concluding remarks by Mr. Madhav Sharma and end of the webinar


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