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March 31, 2019conference

Dr. Edward Tse Joined a Panel at the Amcham HK Conference

On March 4th, Gao Feng’s CEO, Dr. Edward Tse, joined a panel at the Amcham HK conference discussing the implications of the US – China trade dispute on businesses. Dr. Tse made several points:

1. The trade dispute has accelerated China’s reform and opening.

2. China’s unique and effective development model of “three-layered duality” is generally not known or well understood.

3. China’s innovation has become an integral part of the country’s business and entrepreneurial culture while foreign MNCs have largely missed that wave over the last decade.

4. While China’s GDP growth rate has slowed a bit, it was producing the size of the entire GDP of the Netherlands, the 18th ranked economy in the world.

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