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March 19, 2019viewpoints

Press Release | New Senior Appointments

We are pleased to announce additions of two Managing Directors: Andrew Lee and Andy Liew. Both Andrew and Andy came with several decades of experience in business in Greater China and elsewhere. We are delighted to have them join our senior team further augmenting our overall ability to support our clients. Attached is the PDF file.

Andrew Lee — based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, with over 30 years of industry and management consulting experiences in the Silicon Valley and Greater China area. Industries include surgical robots, medical device, biotechnology, semiconductor and process equipment, GPS, optical and laser positioning equipment, machine control, fleet management and asset tracking, laser diodes as well as TFT-LCD.


Andy Liew — based in Shanghai, with more than 25 years in industry and consulting experiences in industrial automation, security and IT. Held leadership positions in sales, marketing, services, product management and business development. Extensive consulting with SOEs, MNCs and POEs specializing in strategy, operational transformation and executive coaching.

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