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April 26, 2017conference

Dr. Edward Tse spoke at the TFWA China’s Century Conference

On March 9th, Gao Feng’s CEO, Dr. Edward Tse, was invited to speak at the TFWA China’s Century Conference which was held in Guangzhou. Topic was Disruptions in China

Below was the meeting updates from The DFNI blog – TFWA China’s Century 2017

10.15am: A new wave of young entrepreneurs is changing the way China, and the world, does business. Amid Premier Li Keqiang’s call for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, start-ups and business models are constantly emerging. Business consultant and author of China’s Disruptors Dr. Edward Tse explored the rise of entrepreneurship in China and how it is changing behaviour and modes of consumption among the country’s citizens.

He said: “There are waves of entrepreneurs in China who are redefining what the internet ought to be from China to the rest of the world.

“Entrepreneurship in China is becoming bigger, they are getting younger and spreading out all over. Young people in China are not afraid of failure. Today’s China, the new China, is very different to what people remember and what western media try to portray. In this process, we are seeing a large number of exponential organisations – those that can grow rapidly in a certain period of time. These are riding the high growth of internet companies in China.”

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