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The China Strategy

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Basic Books (March 23, 2010)

Language: EnglishEnglish

ISBN-10: 0465018254

ISBN-13: 0465018254

No major enterprise or financial institution can avoid doing business with China—if not directly, then through myriad hidden connections. Global businesses either use Chinese resources or sell to and in China or compete with companies that do.

Because there’s no avoiding China, business leaders need a framework that orders the different (and seemingly contradictory) streams of data that hint at its future. That framework is The China Strategy.

In this invaluable book, Edward Tse explains the ever-changing nature of China’s business environment, its increasingly complex relationship with the rest of the world, and the global business implications—not just for our current environment but for the next decade.

Change, Tse argues, is taking place in non-linearly. Some dimensions (like Chinese entrepreneurship) are expanding exponentially, while others (like the value of China’s labor arbitrage) may be reaching a plateau. Eschewing easy explanations, Tse shows how to build and execute a global business strategy in light of these changes, offering practical advice amidst a sea of simple books that offer too-quick solutions.

In a world in which a successful business strategy means a successful China strategy, this book is uniquely positioned to help business leaders navigate the “country that cannot be ignored.”

From Publishers Weekly

“Tse, chairman of Booz & Co., Greater China, offers a comprehensive and worthwhile roadmap for doing business in China, a burgeoning market that can’t be ignored. Tse argues convincingly that even companies that are already successfully doing business there will find themselves

inadequately prepared for the new China, which is generating great scale change. Business leaders around the world who want to be successful will need a new strategy, which includes devising a long-range development plan for doing business as a global enterprise in which China is a central and integrated component. Tse shows how China has restructured its entire economy within the past few years and offers a holistic, invaluable view of the Chinese business environment, looking at consumers, competitive enterprises, the government, and more. Given the great complexities of the Chinese market, the wealth of knowledge Tse imparts will be indispensable to executives looking to enter in the Chinese marketplace.”

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Reviews of The China Strategy

1. “China is a country that has consistently surprised those who try to manage from afar. It is a marketplace that must be experienced first-hand. Too many CEOs and companies are still in denial of China’s role as the single most important link in a new global business paradigm. Ed Tse’s insightful book should be a wake-up call for them even as it serves as an important checklist for even the most seasoned China veterans. China has proven that its force is inescapable, and The China Strategy is a ‘must read’ for those who have the courage to climb aboard. I wish I had this book 15 years ago!”
—Dinesh C. Paliwal, Chairman, President and CEO, Harman International

2. “The China Strategy provides a gripping, strategic examination of the dynamically evolving context of China, and the key players surrounding it. It contains a wealth of experiential knowledge, deep analytical insights, and broad strategic vision. Business leaders of multinational companies with a stake in China will benefit immensely from this book.”
—Warren K. Liu, author of KFC in China: Secret Recipe for Success

3. “The Chinese market will one day become much bigger than any market that exists today. The Chinese population will also one day become well educated and sophisticated, taking the best from all the cultures around the world and avoiding the mistakes made by today’s advanced economies. In each industry in China, the winner most likely will be someone who can integrate best practices from around the world and innovate to meet the constantly evolving needs of Chinese consumers. All business models will have to be reinvented here. Read The China Strategy and you will understand.”
—Shumeet Banerji, CEO, Booz & Company Inc.

4. “Edward Tse is one of these rare people who deserve to be called an expert on the Chinese economy. The China Strategy should be at the top of the reading list for anybody interested in how companies should engage with and leverage the rise of China.”
—Anil K. Gupta, Michael Dingman Chair in Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Smith School of Business, The University of Maryland, and coauthor of Getting China and India Right

5. “In The China Strategy, Edward Tse pulls together observations that have previously been handled separately—on Chinese markets, entrepreneurs, government trends, and the ever-more-integrated global economy—and combines them into a viable strategic plan for corporate leaders everywhere. I recommend this book for anyone trying to build a business in China—or to make that business successful.”
—Douglas A. Jackson, President of Coca-Cola Greater China



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